Sunday, June 21, 2015

Is Two Ms. Megaton Man of Color In Color Two Too Many?

Clarissa James confronts Aja, new mascot of the Megaton Mice, who has similarly donned the familiar red, yellow, and blue leotards of the Megaton Man franchise. This scene is from #6 in the new Megaton Man series I am planning.

Colorized tight rough sketch (not final art).

Kozmik Kat, mentor of the Megaton Mice and Aja, tries to keep the two Ms. Megaton Mans apart.

The original sketchbook concept and the tightened rough on canary yellow tracing paper.

The original sketchbook rough on the right, with the scanned and blown up print-out on the bottom left, with the final ink on Clearprint Design Vellum on the top left.

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