Sunday, May 24, 2015

Of Color, In Color: A New Clarissa Pose for Memorial Day Weekend

I can't help but noticing that whenever I post a Ms. Megaton Man sketch (a character whom I love to draw), it always gets significantly less views than even a lame but new piece of Megaton Man art (a character that is fun but whom I am more or less obliged to draw). Hmm. What exactly does this say about American society this Memorial Day weekend?!? I always wonder when I post a drawing, does color (vs. black and white) make a difference? (Does being of color make a difference?!) Discuss amongst yourselves...

At any rate, here is a drawing I made of Clarissa, developed from a toss-off warm-up pose from my sketchbook. Enjoy!

See Clarissa in action with Megaton Man and the Knight Watchman!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Salon des Bandes Dessinées and Aztec Beach Volleyball?!

Here are the exercises Frank Santoro led us through last night at the Pittsburgh Comics Salon, held at Lili's Cafe in Polish Hill. The theme was 3-panel and 4-panel comic strip timing (à la Charles M. Schulz). Naturally, I defaulted to a Ms. Megaton Man sequence, which segued into a beach volleyball game held at an Aztec ballcourt (isn't that a mainstream genre already?). Now I'll have to turn this into a story!

 Update: The 2 x 2 layout I started at Lili's and completed this morning:

To be continued ...